Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set Free Weights Set With Connecting Rod 20KG


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                                                                                Adjustable Weights Dumbbells Set, Free Weights Set With Connecting Rod 20KG 


  • [10KG For beginners] 20KG beginner design, composed of 4×1.25KG, 4x1KG,4x2KG barbell pieces, massage connector with massage function can be combined into barbell, non-slip design.

  • [Multi-functional design] Dumbbell rods are connected to form barbells through connectors to meet the needs of leg muscle training.

  • [Suitable for family use] The counterweight is covered with rubber to avoid damage to the floor, suitable for family use. The connecting rod is coated with rubber to ensure a firm grip.

  • [A gift] Now buy 2 free non-slip gloves and 2 wristbands, We have put a lot of effort into this product. We believe you will like this product and give it to your friends as a gift.

Product introduction:

  • Dumbbell contains: 4×1.25KG barbell piece 4x1KG barbell piece 4x1KG barbell piece 2x 0.5KG barbell bar

  • Net weight: 20KG

  • Gross weight: 20.5KG

  • Dumbbell rod: 35CM

  • Barbell rod: 40CM

The product contains:

  • 2x 40CM dumbbell bar

  • 1x 40CM connector

  • 4x 1.25KG barbell piece

  • 4x 1KG barbell

  • 4x 2KG barbell

Additional information

Weight 21.56 lbs
Dimensions 580 × 250 × 170 in





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